Invasion Claudius

Hello citizens, I am Claudius. I am your leader and we will conquer Britain. I think we are powerful enough to conquer them. They have everything we need especially because we’re taking over more land.

The Britons have lots of things we want: Wool, tin, corn, silver ,gold ,slaves,


Because we're taking over more land, it means we have more people to feed. More Romans came to Rome and lived in the town whereas the countryside had more corn but Britain has lots of corn that we want!


Britain has lots of sheep and land for the sheep to live on. Sheep provide lots of wool for things like togas and clothes.


Britain has lots of farmers that we could get from the Britain. We would easily be able to use these farmers as slaves.


We need more land to grow more crops and to build more homes and markets too. We need more land; our life depends on it.


We have lots of power! We conquer lots of lands which then gives us power. We need lots of power. Our life depends on it! You may be wondering why were talking about power, that’s because Britain has lots of it.


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