Sarajevo Winter Arts Festival Presentation By: Zoey Wiese

This festival is celebrated in Bosnia, which is located in Europe. There is no specific religion linked to this festival. It is celebrated during the winter and began in 1984.
This festival celebrates the cultural community of Bosnia and is a traditional meeting place for artists and citizens all over the world.
Some of the most exciting things that go on at the festival are their wonderful arts. They have exhibitations of paintings, performances, as well as parades.
There is no special food that they eat to celebrate this festival. Although, in Bosnia grilled meat and cabbage-based dishes are very popular.
During the festival's parades, people generally wear masks while marching, or other Bosnian-style clothes.
This festival is important to this culture because it is a symbol of pure freedom of your creativity.
This is a definitely a minor holiday. It is probably not as ''important'' as, for example, New Years Day, because this is just a festival. Even so, it is loved by people all around the world.
In the United States we do have festivals, just like this one. For example, in Des Moines we have many art festivals all year long. As well as many others.
Milivojevic, Jovanka JoAnn. Bosnia and Herzegovina. New York: Children's, 2004. Print.


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