Building of the FUTURE YOLO


The iPhone 7


The technology will probably improve a lot from what we have now and there will probably be more holograms and more things like virtual reality.



There'll be a lot more buildings. The buildings will have different, ineresting shapes and they'll be really tall.
There will be a lot more people so we'd need to cut down nature for space for buildings and there wouldn't be as much water left. We might have to make houses that let nature grow through them and we'd have to make more houses underground so we wouldn't have to cut down too much of nature.
Nature friendly houses
Mind map
Best case- There will be a lot of drinking water and the world won't become overpopulated.
Worst case- There will be many homeless people since all the houses are filled and people will die because there won't be enough drinking water. We’d have less resources, more crimes and the world would become very hot because of pollution.
Most probable- There will be a lot more people in the future than we have now but there'd would be enough drinking water left.

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