The Selection Series By kiera cass

The author of the series, Kiera Cass, is a #1 New York Times best selling author. She is married with two children and is best known for her publication of the Selection books. She graduated from Radford University majoring in history.


1. Genuine- real (when a person is sincere)

2. Infuriate- to make angry or annoyed

3. Skeptical- doubtful

4. Attribute- to credit

5. Ambivalent- uncertain or unable to choose


1. "Time, I was asking for a lot of it these days. I hoped that if I had enough, everything would somehow fall into place." (Pg. 8) This shows how America dealt with her problems in the story and why everything went so wrong for her all the time. She didn't try to fix anything, she just left it alone and waited for it to happen by itself.

2. "All I can say is that I've been given a second chance." (Pg. 322) America was given more than one second chances throughout the book, and this is when she finally realizes she needs to pull herself together or she will lose Maxon for good. If she hadn't been given a second chance here, she would've went home and probably never see Maxon again.


In the books, America Singer is a five from South Carolina. She has an illegal boyfriend, Aspen, who is a six. They sneak out together at night to see each other. But the Prince of Ilea is due to be married, so the King and Queen hold a selection for him. Thirty five girls from all over Ilea come to compete for the band of Prince Maxon, America is chosen and has to leave her life as a five, and her boyfriend, behind to go to the palace.


The Selection takes place 300 years from now in what is presently North America but in the series is known as Ilea. Most of the story takes place in the palace where the selection is held, but there are some parts of the story that take place in America's home province of South Carolina.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in the series is the choice. Not Maxons choice of a new wife out of the selected, but America's choice between Maxon and Aspen. With Maxon, she could have a life as a one with the man she loves. But she's not sure she can handle the pressure of being the princess. With Aspen, her first love, she could be content with life as a two and be relieved of the duties of ruling Ilea. Her undecisiveness causes her to make mistakes and almost lose both men. She finally realizes she wants to be with Maxon when rebels attack the palace and Maxon saves her life and is shot in the process. Aspen saves both of their lives and is okay with America's decision. He falls in love with Lucy, a maid at the palace, and they get married, as well as America and Maxon.


Teen/Adult Fiction


The theme of the book is that sometimes you have to fight for what you love even if that means losing something else that you love. America has to fight for Maxon, but that might mean she loses her first love Aspen.

Main Characters

America: An average looking five who loves music, chosen in the selection to fight for Maxon.

Maxon: The very handsome Prince of Ilea who has to choose a wife out of the selected.

Aspen: America's first love who becomes a guard at the palace causing problems between America and Maxon as he fights to win America back.

To me, this book is so great because there is so much detail and imagery, that you feel like you're living in the palace with America, and are part of the selection too. Kiera Cass really knows how to captivate an audience with adventure and suspense. I highly recommend these books to everyone, most age groups would like the books.

Three words to describe the book... Exciting, adventurous, and romantic.

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The selection, The Elite, and The One


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