The backstage of a short film production

by Bárbara d'Oro

"Grounded" is a story of love and resilience.

"Grounded" is a short film that is being produced for the next Digi60. The festival of independent filmmakers was created in 2004 to give opportunity for new and emerging filmmakers to present their work and also learn from other experienced professionals. Each group participating in the festival chooses a category and has 60 days to produce a 7 minute short film. The festival also has the purpose of promoting the film industry in Ottawa.
Zoe Georgaras plays Alison, a friend of one of the main characters. The crew of 9 people is composed by new and experienced professionals. As an independent production, the participants have to cover the film budget.
Sébastien Blanchard operates the boom microphone and does all the sound in the production. In the exterior scene at the park the challenge was to get balanced sound levels because of the ambient noise.
Julie Landriault (on the left) is Jen in the short film. Jen's sister is suffering from depresison and Jen has given up her own life to take care of her. In this scene Jen meets her friend, Alison, to talk about the challenges she has been facing for the past 7 months.
Director of photography Adrian Langley (on the left) has worked in several feature films, short films, commercials, music videos and album covers. Martin Rodriguez (on the right) is the director and editor of Grounded. He has directed a few other short films in Ottawa.
Vanessa Kammer (holding the clapperboard) is the producer and assistant director of "Grounded". She is an experienced professional who has produced and directed features, short films, documentaries, TV series and Web series both in Canada and in Brazil. She also has experience as a writer and actress.
Julian Bate-Vergette (holding the umbrela) is the assistant camera and composer of the short film. He has directed 3 short films in Ottawa. In this scene the director of photography is filming a continuity shot showing Alison's reaction to when Jen arrives to meet her at the park.
DOP Adrian Langley uses an app to check the frame before starts shooting. The job of the director of photography is to make decisions regarding light, frames, shot selection and other elements involving camera operation.
For the park scene the crew worked over two hours between rehearsal and shooting. The scene will be about 2 minutes long in the final production.
In the film crew each professional is responsible for paying attention to one or several details. The result of a great scene involves group work. In exterior scenes, elements such as weather, lighting and noise can be very challenging.
Grounded Crew finishes another scene. The crew shoots the sequences several times until the director is satisfied.
The festival screening for the short films will happen on December 9 at University of Ottawa.
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Bárbara d'Oro


Bárbara d'Oro

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