Menne clouds By J.t.menne

Cirrus (16,500ft) associated with far weather. Stable atmosphere
Cirrostratus (40,000ft) comes before precipitation. Stable atmosphere.
Cirrocumulus (8,000ft) indicates storm coming. Stable atmosphere
Altostratus (24,000ft) occurs before storm or precipitation. Unstable atmosphere
Altocumulus (23,000ft) indicated convection. Stable atmosphere.
Nimbostratus (6,560ft) produces light precipitation. Stable atmosphere
Cumulus (7,900ft) usually associated with sunny weather conditions. Stable atmosphere
Stratus (65,000ft) drizzle or mist associated with these clouds. Stable atmosphere
Cumulonimbus (65,000ft) associated with heavy storms. Unstable atmosphere
Stratocumulus (8,000ft) indicates storms. Stable atmosphere
Cumulus fractus (6,000ft) produce little to no precipitation. Unstable atmosphere
Altocumulus undulatus (20,000ft) indicates a storm is moving in. Unstable atmosphere
Cirrus radiatus (16,500ft) involved in formation of storms. Unstable atmosphere
Cirrus castellanus (24,000ft) indicates clear weather. Stable atmosphere
Cirrus floccus (16,500ft) streaky precipitation. Stable atmosphere

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