High Street Witches YOUR WITCHES SUCK

High Street Witches are the Fucc Bois of the Witchy Community (Not to be mistaken with the former residents of High Street).

Or what my editor likes to refer to them as “THOSE FUCKING CULTURE VULTURES THAT BURNED DOWN THE SMACK!!”

If you’ve experienced one of them, you’ve probably experienced them all and also the mushroom cloud that is Firestorm Body Spray. High Street Witches (Culture Vultures) specialize in Revision Magic aka “Hipster Magic”: a form of magic that involves "borrowing" (stealing) from other cultures and boiling them down to their bare essentials.

Take for example “The Shadow Stepper” spell that’s pretty common in the Bourbon part of Olde Towne. Named after Henry “The Shadow Stepper” Du Bois, it was a spell used to create afterimages for distractions and disturbances as a way of dodging assailants during the Civil Rights Movement. It’s a spell that’s saved a lot of lives.

Hipster Magic

But your favorite witches from High Street have come up with a new and improved spell called “The Dark Shuffle”. What does it do? Basically it’s just a dance move used from street performances that uses shadows. A spell that once involved drawing veve on shoes, coded taps, an understanding of lighting, and a blessing from a Loa is now reduced to just making shadows move with lighting for a few laughs and coins at an open mic at the local pub. Editor’s note: fuck all of them

“Hipster Magic” has been under fire for many reasons. Some have called the practitioners out for cultural appropriation both for the their misuse of magic and for calling themselves Eclectic Witches without upholding the practices, lessons, and cultural understanding involved with the term.

Editor’s note: the culture vultures steal everything including calling themselves Eclectic Witches and ruining it for those who actually can be considered Eclectic Witches.

The University of Azure Flame and The Silver Vine Institute have started a campaign against the practice. Revision Magic has abused the universities core teachings and reduced complex symbolism into cheap tattoos for quick magical effects.

At best, these practices are just a rude and short sighted view on magical decorum. At worst, can be dangerous without the proper practice of the original craft and supervision of experienced practitioners.

District Overview:

Like the name suggest, High Street Witches are a community of witches in the High Street District of Port Town. What was once a peaceful district that was the home to many living in urban development has become the home to most of the art and tech life in Port Town.

Editor's Note: Gentrification is a Bitch.

High Street District currently have 15,000 residents made up of mostly upstarts, trust fund hipsters, and students from the Universities. The district acts like a pseudo-college town while not having any association with either of the Universities including: opening "UAF Bookstores", Holstering UAF Banners, and vendors selling University Merch. All of which are not sanction by the university.

If you're looking for a coffee house with WiFi and HexBook ports this district has 12 of them. Looking for a tech store specializing in alchemy and hermeticism, this district has a few of them including: Philosopher's Underground, The Electric Temple, and even the Crooked Divine Ware.

The Dead Vixan

If you're looking for a pub with specialty imported witches brew at the cheapest prices and stage performances, try The Dead Vixen.

The Dead Vixen was once owned by the Morris family and dedicated to Madame Morris's familiar after her death. It's said that she could drink anyone under the table. It is now owned by the Belmont Brothers to serve all your Yuppie needs.

The Belmont Collective

Belmont Collective

The head of this organization is the Belmont Brothers. The Belmont Brothers call themselves a collective of eclectic witches from humble backgrounds all over the east and west coast (translation: the culture vultures from rich artsy/tech families migrate to this coven.)

The organization leader is Chet Belmont who made his rise to power after creating the HexBooks (again something that was stolen from other witches) and was able to fund many of the businesses in the area. His younger brother Terry Belmont is on the witch council in Port Town and looks after the interest of all those living in the District. (translation: he’s a self-interest politician )

Their "coven" as they like to call themselves, has over 200+ members all of which are in some way or another involved with the businesses in the district. They are proud supporters of scouting talent (stealing magic) and believe in finding the next big thing (some for a magic they can turn into a trend.)

High Street Witches
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