paper towns by: John Green review: by nicole maradiaga


Towns is about a guy Quentin Jacobsen has spent most of his life secretly loving Margo Roth . Margo and him have been friends since they were nine years old but after a while their friendship faded. One night Margo appears at Quentin's window to ask him if he would help her with 11 "missions" to get revenge on people who hurt her. So Margo convinces Quentin to steal his moms minivan and go out on this adventure. So that night they finished the tasks and then the next morning Margo doesn't appear at school. Time goes by and Quentin later realizes that she hasn't gone to school. Quentin then finds out that Margo ran away from home and Quentin was the last person to see. Quentin went in to her room and he noticed that she left clues to find her . So Quentin and a group of friends go out and find her . They then later find her and she tells them that she didn't intend for them to find her. At then end she didn't want to be found , Quentin and her basically confessed their feelings for each other. Quentin asked her to go back home with him but Margo said she didn't want to . Unfortunately they had to say goodbye to each other but they would still keep in touch.

Personal Review

I thought the book was okay honestly i thought the end was going to be different i thought that Margo and Quentin were going to end up together. I would've honestly preferred for it to end like that because Quentin went through so much just for her no to come back with them. I liked the mysterious part of the book but i mean its not really my type of book the fault in our stars was a much better book. I think that the people that would enjoy this book are the people who are into romance novels but also like mystery books. The book also has a bit of suspense because the reader (I) didn't know where the clues were going to lead i mean she could've been anywhere. Like we didn't know if Margo was okay or not . We also didn't know why she left at the beginning that was until the final chapter and they found her. In my opinion the book was fine i think people who like the suspense and the romantic mysteries would like this book.

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From top to bottom.-The first photo represents how they went on a trip to find Margo. The second photo shows when they are on the road to find Margo. The third photo shows how Margo wanted to be independent so that's why she left. The forth photo shows how they were in high school. The fifth photo represents when Margo and Quentin did the 11 tasks before she ran away.

“That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfeast cereals based on color instead of taste.”― John Green, Paper Towns

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