Bunny Double Were in Troble Emily

My book report is about a fiction story. The title is Bunny Double Where in Trouble. The author is Dan Gutman. The illustrator is Jim Paillot. The total pages are 105. This is a fiction book. The setting is in a house and outside. The main characters are AJ, Mayor Hubble, Micheal, Ryan, Alexia, Mrs.Hubble, Andrea, Emily, and Bommer. The speaker is AJ. Now I will tell you about the story. First, AJ was complaning about the tie on his neck ( It was Easter. He had to wear it.) Then, AJ and his family went to the Mayor Hubble house to have a Easter party. Mayor Hubble was in jail. Because he tried to steal some money. But he wanted a party anyway. When AJ got there he saw some his friends. Micheal, Ryan, and Alexia. Also, anouing Andrea and Emily. AJ and his friends talked about candy ( They wanted some.) A few minutes later a helitcopter came out of the sky. It was Mayor Hubble and his wife Mrs. Bubbles. He said he got out of jail for good behavor. After a long speach it was time for a Easter egg hunt. There was a special golden egg that had 1,000 dollars in it. 3...2...1! Go! Everyone was looking for eggs ( And of coruse the golden one.) After the egg hunt nowone found the golden one. Mayor Hubble said it was a joke. But he droped something shiny. It was the golden egg! Mrs. Bubble picked it up and ran. All of the people ran at them. Then, Bommer ran at them. He can run fast. He is a football player he was retired of football and had to be a Easter bunny. He takled them and handed them off to the police. The egg opened and dollar bills flying every where. Everyone got some dollar bills. The police thanked Bommer and went home The End


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