Perspective. An analysis of others

The Tire: Scout rolled up outside my door today, literally. The kids pushed her in their tire swing and she rolled right up to my door, it gave me joy, knowing they have so much fun. See I never got that, my father was a cruel man, and here I have sat in my house these years because of him. I'm glad there is a good father in the world, Atticus is a good father. Scout and the boys are still afraid of me, but its okay, I was afraid of them at first too, I still am. I only hope that she won't be afraid of me forever. My doesn't know, but I plan to leave some presents for Scout and Jem, I don't have much, and they won't know its me, but to see them happy, will bring me closer to the world that I so desperately avoid.

The Fire: The biggest anxiety attack of my life happened today. Ms. Maudie's house caught fire, and I thought I was going to die. I know that doesn't make sense, considering her house was so far from this one, but still. But it didn't end there, I left the house, I. Left. The. House. Scout and Jem were there, they looked scared, both wearing their pjs. Scout was cold, so I took one of the blankets and gave it to her, she didn't know at first, I hid behind one of the bushes in Ms. Stephanie's yard and watched. The branches hurt my back but I had to see. Atticus came up to her, and asked her where she got the blanket, she hadn't realized. After a short comment, Scout turned white, it hurt a little, so see that she was so scared of me, but I don't blame her. She looked around for the infamous "Boo Radley", at one point I thought she saw me, so I ran, back to this house, back to this prison, I almost didn't come back, I almost stayed in that bush, anywhere is better than here, but I can't leave, or rather Boo can't.

The Pants: Today they came to me. I heard a noise outside the house, I thought it was father again, coming back from the dead to lock me up in the basement. I looked out the window and saw my children, running and sneaking along thinking I couldn't see them, what they will never know is I always do. Eventually they got to the porch, Dil and Scout ran, but Jem stayed behind. I came out the door then, in the back, so I wouldn't startle them, I tried to make my way to the porch, but they heard me, Jem got scared and stayed as stiff as a log. He ran when I stopped, that hurt most of all. They're scared of me, and I don't know now if they ever won't be. But they tried to crawl through the hole in the chain link wall that holds me here. Jem's pants caught, I laughed to myself, an event that doesn't seem to occur often. I tried to stitch them up as best I could, the way mother always did for Nathan, but never for me. I left them on the fence, when he came to get them Jem looked in this house, I thought he saw me, he thought he saw me, and he ran.

The Knot Hole: Today Nathan closed up the gift hole. I broke this time, I didn't hurt him like the kids probably thought I would, but I went back in that basement today. Back to that concrete prison where I was kept. I merely opened the door, stood on the first step and stared. When Nathan came back inside he looked at me like father always did and said "You will never be free of this place, I hope you know that. You could leave one day but this place will always be here, be with you, so don't try to leave. It will just make coming back harder". I haven't spoken since the first year I was put there, but I spoke today, "Just let me see them". His lips parted as if his jaw was going to drop, but he clenched his teeth together, and closed the door on me. The darkness swallowed me once more.

Reflection: I chose to write my points of veiw in the perspective of Boo Radley. He is already a complex character who doesn't speak at all, so it was a challenge to convey what I believe he was feeling in this events. I chose these specific events because I feel they convey the most emotion from Boo so far. I tried to show his sadder, and darker side, as well as giving him some hope. The hope is for the kids, considering how much I think he cares about them. These events are heart wrenching metaphorical images when I think about them, I think this is the same for Boo. I based each post not only on Boo but his connection to the kids, to show more connection to main story line and eventual climax of the story.

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