Epic Citadel Laura moore

It was hundreds of years ago, no one knows for sure exactly how long, that our ancestors began creating the Citadel we know today. Thousands of people would line the bustling streets and alleys selling their goods and services. As a young girl, my mother used to take me to the markets early in the morning, before the hot sun rotted the fruits and vegetables. That was many years ago. I fear I shall never see nor hear those days again.

Upon my return to The Citadel, I am greeted by solitude and silence, except for the crows circling above screaming for the food that does not exist. What happened to this once thriving community? Where have the people gone? Where is my family I so cherIsh?

As I stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets, I am thankful for the few signs of life that linger. Laundry hangs from the windows above and lights indicate there hope for some explanation. The guilt I feel for leaving those that depend upon me to learn the arts of defense is overwhelming. But, I cannot defend what I cannot see. It is vital that I find the truth.

As I travel through the tunnel that leads to the Grand Castle, I am sensing that I am not alone. Strange shadows lurk in the corners as I pass by each abandoned building. I reach for my sword to prepare for what dangers may lie ahead.

I am met with the sounds of the ocean, but still no sounds of life. Even the ships carrying cargo from nearby villages seem to have vanished. What evil forces could have made an entire world disappear? And more importantly, why am I the only one left?

Created By
Laura Moore
All photos from Epic Citadel app for the iPad.

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