Antagonist Evil is always has a reason

I don't know about you, but I feel like the antagonist has a very interesting personality.

This page isn't for the looks of the antagonist, but for their reasoning behind their hate for the hero. No villain just does it for fun, deep down they have a growing anger for something.

The true evil in this world isn't the people, but their reasoning behind the hate.

We all have that one person that annoys us. We have to have reasoning behind that don't we? We can't just one day decide you don't like that person. Something started your disliking of the person, what was it?

Was your antagonist and protagonist best friends before?

Did something happen that they blame the protagonist for?

Is their life at home a safe and caring environment?

Are they self conscious about themselves?

We separate people in groups. Pretty or ugly, nice or mean, smart or stupid, good or evil. They are just titles that don't mean a thing.

What if your antagonist is envious of the protagonist?

What if they are good for some part, but then they show their other side?

What if they want more power?

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