MATHS-CAM Using Video in Learning and Teaching - Mr T Beattie

This week I had the joy of visiting our Maths department to have a look at their MathsCam in action. I was speaking to Mrs Beer (nee Mordente) and she was telling me about the success the department had been having with the cam regarding learning and teaching, so I had to see it in action.

Over to Mrs Beer...

Hellen MacLeod brought this idea to us from her previous school and the pupils love it! Feel free to come to Maths for a nosey.

This is our 'MathsCam' (as named by pupils) although it is not specific to maths!

This is something we use in the maths department to assist with learning and teaching.

The only downside is it costs £100 for one - totally worth it though!

Once the drivers and software have been installed on your desktop it is pretty much just plug and play.

Whatever is placed under the camera, you can see on your desktop and the pupils can see on the promethean board.

I find it useful when showing pupils how to draw graphs/symmetry/scale drawing/coordinates as it is much easier than doing this on the board and it means you can use exactly what pupils are using so it's easier for them contextualise the learning.

This example shows the calculator sitting under the camera, it is initially displayed on the desktop and is also projected on to the promethean board so that pupils can clearly see the what is being inputted into the calculator.

It is also useful when showing good examples of work (class or homework!).

It allows you to take pictures and record videos too and is so easy to use.

"Having seen it in action I think it is something that is very transferable across all curricular areas. It is also an excellent tool for showcasing pupil work and praising the pupil as you exemplify good practice." Mr Beattie
"I primarily use the camera to capture images (either taken in advance or shown live) of pupil's work. It opens things up for discussion about what makes a good answer, is it done correctly, etc." - Miss Macleod (Maths Department)

Any other questions please send me an email at ddtbeattie520@glow.sch.uk, or please take up the offer from the Maths department and go and see it in action!


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