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FALL 2018 Edition

Introducing the New 90th Anniversary CDMC Logo

CDMC New 90th Anniversary Crest Logo!

The CDMC Board of Directors has updated our Club Logo for our 90th Anniversary to better reflect the Comox Valley area where the club was founded - our iconic Comox Glacier is now featured on the logo as seen above. New Crest badges are for sale and can be purchased at the upcoming Potluck Social.

CDMC's 90th Year Potluck Dinner & Social!

Let's Celebrate!

RSVP today for the CDMC 90th Anniversary Potluck Dinner and Social taking place November 4, 2018 at the Evergreen Seniors Centre (downstairs of the Florence Filberg Centre on Anderton Ave). An evening of social activities with door prizes, voting and results of the 2018 photo contest, a silent auction of outdoor gear, an awesome "Hiking Outside Canada" presentation by members Tom & Donna, and of course, food!

A special Leader Recognition Award from our Lifetime Member Mr. Chris Carter will also be announced at the Potluck. Chris would like to recognize leaders who organize trips outside of the Comox Valley and Strathcona Park area, and has donated a special gift to be given out at the 2018 Potluck event.

90th Year - 90 Hikes Goal

To celebrate our 90th year, the CDMC would like to host 90 hikes in 2018. We are more than halfway to our goal - check out the trip counter on the CDMC Website. There's still lots of time to plan more 2018 trips!

Guest Member Policy Update

The CDMC Board of Directors has passed a motion to discontinue the Guest option as of Oct 1, 2018. Those that currently have Guest status will continue as a Guest until their 90 days runs out or until they participate in one day trip, whichever comes first. It has been determined that the administrative time necessary to maintain the guest list is unjustified for the number of people who use the Guest option to try out the club by joining a club hike before their 90 day trial expires.

CDMC Member Feedback Request

Last month the CDMC Board of Directors sent out an email asking members to help them determine the direction of the club. Please send a response to Ian Kalina, our Vice President and have your voice added to the planning of the club's future!

New! CDMC Member and Leader Learning Incentives

The Board of Directors is introducing a new Member and Leader Learning Incentive.

Between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 there will be a discount/rebate amount available for members who participate in any club-organized, hiking-related learning course. Members will receive a 10% discount for a course at time of payment for that course.

On April 1, 2019, Trip Leaders who have led a trip and participated in a learning course between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 will receive an additional 10% rebate.

A total of $600 will be available to be distributed to members and leaders over the 6 month period. Any unused amount will be carried forward for future use to be determined by the Board.

CDMC & BC PARKS - Croteau Lake Group Campsite Project

A huge THANK YOU! to all of the members and guests who volunteered their time, energy, and effort to help with the BC Parks Croteau Lake Group Campsite Project. It was a tremendous success. We enjoyed gorgeous weather, great company, and completed a wonderful 90th Anniversary project together.

Over the course of the week there were 74 people-days in total working on the project, with 25 different people volunteering to dig, level, drill, and hammer these projects into place.

A special thank you to Allen Wells, Otto Winnig, Eric Jernslet, and Juanita Wells for the extra time and effort given in planning, organizing, supervising, keeping everyone smiling, and making sure everything was running smoothly throughout the project.

Check out the Yurt Werks Meetup Event page for more photos of the project!

Island Corridor Foundation Meetings

The Island Corridor Foundation (ICF) is a federally registered charity established for the purposes of owning and managing the former E&N Corridor on Vancouver Island. The foundation recognizes the importance of this corridor as a link that connects communities economically, socially and spiritually, today, and for all time. The foundation represents First Nations and Local Governments adjacent to the corridor.

ICF has been working diligently over the past five years to secure a stable and prosperous future for the new ICF Corridor for the benefit of all Vancouver Island Residents

During the month of November, the ICF will be holding a series of town hall-style discussions around Vancouver Island. For dates and more info, check out the Island Corridor Foundation News page.

Where the Wild Things Are

An Article from CDMC Member Heather Mathers

So close to Courtenay, and yet another world. How many times have we all driven along Lake Trail Rd or the Island Highway, thinking about our destination, and not paid attention to what’s off to the side of the road ? Or maybe we’ve driven along Bevan Rd to the dump, without looking over the gravel bank to the North-east.

And yet, in the triangle roughly enclosed by the three roads is an oasis for wildlife. The Morrison Headwaters has been created partly by the luck of its geography. After the last Ice Age, as glaciers scoured their way through, huge gravel ridges were left behind. It’s as if the ground in the Headwaters is corrugated. Springwater filters through the gravel, sending a year round flow of clean water into the many tributaries flowing into Morrison Creek.

Triplet Tree

In more recent times, beavers have been playing a part in engineering this landscape. As humans have largely left them alone, they’ve carried out an ambitious project. By falling trees and dragging branches, they’ve built curved dams in the hollows between the gravel ridges, creating a series of terraced ponds that regulate the water as it flows downstream. These dams, kept waterproof by patrols of beavers patting mud along the sides, are long and sturdy. Over time, they have become main trails for animals, as they move through this watery world.

Beaver Dam

So with clear streams, large ponds and growing forest, wildlife thrives in this undisturbed landscape. In the fall, pink and coho splash their way upstream to lay their eggs. In the spring bright eyed mink watch for salmon fry to emerge from the gravel. Raccoons tackle crayfish in the stream beds - tasty enough to risk getting pincers on their snouts. Black bears scratch their backs on favourite trees, tussle with each other and then bumble along in search of seasonal food. A cougar saunters along a beaver dam, ears and tail twitching. While deer browse, a young wolf appears out of the morning mist. Roosevelt elk pass through, leaving behind droppings and hoof prints - and no one ever sees them. Above in the tree canopy, countless birds sing, make nests, fledge young and then fly south in the fall.

Bear Play / Puma Crossing

Can this place be left to its own natural rhythms as the towns of Courtenay and Cumberland continue to develop ? The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers certainly hope so. And with the Comox Valley Land Trust they are presently raising funds to purchase the gateway into the larger Headwaters area - a significant 55 acre parcel adjacent to the existing 24 acre Beecher Linton Conservation Area. To find out more, to watch a video or to make a donation - www.cvlandtrust.ca

If you’d like to lend your support with a night out - on Nov. 9, Creekside Commons will be hosting a musical evening with the Larry Ayres Trio, with baked goodies and refreshments served during the intermission. Doors will open at 7 pm, with music to start at 7:30pm. Admission will be $20 at the door. Creekside Commons is at 2202 Lambert Drive in Courtenay. Parking is limited so carpooling is suggested. The venue is scent free and shoes are left in the lobby. If interested, please RSVP Heather at hjlmathers@gmail.com

Croteau Lake Sunset

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