Being a teen in the 50's Ana Paula Flores Ventura, Annika Tajchakavit-Azar, Élizabeth Lemieux

Even if we all know a bit about the 50's with all the differents movies and books, we don't really know about the daily life. So here is a spark about the life of teens in the 50's. we will tell you about the technology, the rules, the violence and how was a normal week.

Was there a lot of rules?

Jacques: Oh yes, many. Almost all related to the church.

Jacqueline: Yes. there was a lot of rules for school, we had to wear black uniform at my all girl school. Church was a big part of our life, we had to go there on each Sunday.

50's fun fact: a cup of coffee was 10 cent.

How was a normal week?

Jacques: In the weekend, everyone was always outside, we played games, we walked. We were always with friends in the street. During the week, we normally go to school. It was important but less then now so sometimes I helped my father in the farm instead of going to school.

Jacqueline: During the week we went at school from 8 to 4 after that we studied for 1 hour. For the weekend I went out with my friends, we used the public transit such as the tram and the bus. I lived on plateau mont-royal so everything was nearby . We loved going to the movie theater. During the winter we went ice skating and during summer we went to social dance where we could meet boys, parents did not like it. It was our way to feel free.

50's fun fact: biker, chick, rebel, tight were slang for good friends. Hep cat was a slang for cool person.

How was technologie?

Jacques : No microwave or things like this. There were black-and-white television and there was not much to watch. Not many people had a car because it was very expensive, then there were trams in Montreal.

Jacqueline: We had tv in black and white and one phone in all the house.

50's fun fact: tonsils were removed, because they were believed to make you sick.

Was there a lot of violence:

Jacques: Yes, my dad beat me and men had the right to beat their wife. There was alot of bullying.

Jacqueline: No, my mom and my dad never hit me. But at school they hit you on the fingers when you didn't listen.

Thank you!
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