Ares The Greek god of WAR By:Aryanna Williams

The people of Ancient Greece believed in many gods and goddesses, one of them was Ares. Ares was the Greek God of War. His parents where Zeus and Hera. Zeus and Hera 29 children, and one of them was Ares. Ares had 9 children with his wife Aphrodite. Ares often represents the physical or violent side of war, in contrast to his sister the armored Athena, who functions as a goddess of intelligence military strategy and generalship. Ares had many symbols which included but are not limited to Sword, Spear, Shield, exc.

This is Ares family tree

2 TimesGrandfather:Uranus GreatGrandmother:Gaea Grandfather:Cronus Grandmother:Reha Uncle:Dione Father:Zeus Mother:Hera Sister/Wife:Aphrodite

Ares Roman equivalent is Mars. Mars is the Roman God of War. Ares and Mars had a domain and that was War, Violence and Bloodshed.

Ares symbols are: Shield, Spear, Boar, Serpent, Dog (sometimes Dog head), and Vulture.

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