How to become a Writer By Alexa Kelly the future writer

A writer creates original written works such as books, poems,and scripts for publication or performance.

Length of education

4 years

Personal qualties


Attention to detail



These pictures show how important it is for writers to read and write everything the see down

Skills required

Using scientific rules to solve problems

Making the best decision

Listening to others

Asking good questions

License needed

Bachelor's degree

One of these pictures shows the way that most fairytales start the other shows how important it is for writers to talk to each other


  • I will graduate from Yale University
  • I will write one book by the time I turn 25
  • I will find an editor to read my book
  • I will find a publishing company that wants to publish my book
  • I will have millions of copies of my book sold

My long term goal

I will have 5 bestselling books published by the time I turn 40


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