Hailey's ART Reflection By: Hailey Clark 3-24-2017

Throughout this year I have had a lot of challenges with creating are and actually finding something to inspire me. I started a project for a scholarship that is due in a few days and I have really been struggling. So far I have definitely had a hard time getting it started and really just going with what I believe will work okay. So mainly my project is to show a Veteran and how his poems are like what lets out all of his pain and sadness off the war and the friends and buddy's he had lost. I try and incorporate them by putting them in the flag in the background and I am also going to do a charcoal drawing of him and a moment in the war. So hopefully i finish this quick.

IMPROVEMENT- Overall I really don't think this project improved me at all besides maybe a little bit of problem solving with the flag part pretty much. I had to figure out how to make the pen and watercolor pencils work well together. It's main thing it did was stress me out if we are being honest. I learned that you should always make sure to manage your time well and make sure you have sketches of your ideas worked out so you're prepared for it .

ARTISTIC BEHAVIOR- One of the main artistic behaviors that I believe my art project was really going towards the most is is trying to do new things and really problem solving. I had a very hard time being okay with the project and it is slowly coming along. I hope it actually gets done soon. I have struggled with time and multiple bends and marks that have SADLY happened to the paper which stinks but i guess it happens.

COLLABORATE- I have definitely done some great collaboration with Noah. I threw some pretty cute bowls and we are starting to glaze them in a way that makes them look like a little breakfast set which is kinda cute. I think they will turn out well in the end and we will both be happy with them.

I wouldn't say this project is super meaningful to me but i definitely have so much respect for all the Veterans and I think this will show how the wars have really negatively affected their lives. The guy I am drawing went through a lot of loss and pain throughout the war and it really helped to let all that out in his writings.

CHANGE- I would definitely try a new media for the project if i could but I am not sure which one. Possibly would have also placed or set up the drawing in a more creative way.


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