Roman Catholic Christianity Rachel R. Weaver

Summary of beliefs and practice, and rituals
  • Basic beliefs, Practices, and Rituals: 7 Sacraments, Eucharist
  • Monotheistic Religion
  • Universalizing Religion
  • Symbols: The cross
  • Major deity: God
  • Holy Book : The bible
  • Religious Leadership Organization: Pope, Cardinals, Arch Bishop, Priests, Deacons
  • No required pilgrimages: Vatican City in Rome, where the Pope is
  • Place of Worship: The Catholic Church
  • When & Where Religion Originated: During the teachings of Jesus in Eastern Mediterranean (Region of Galilee)
  • Founder: Jesus
  • How: Missionaries, Colonization
  • When: Colonial Era
  • Where: Eastern Mediterranean, then unto the rest of the world. (Europe, Africa, Asia, North, Latin America)
  • Followers Worldwide: 1.2 billion people
  • Where Followers Live: 40% Latin America, then Europe, Africa, Asia, North America
Cultural Landscape
  • Evidence Presently In Landscape: Cathedrals


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