My personal profile on digital citizenship is that you need to be yourself on the internet. You need to be kind and have self control, be who you would really be if you were face to face with someone. Be careful what you say and what you do because everything on the internet stays on the internet. I have seen to many people get courage from hiding behind a screen and up making mistakes thinking something is private and its not. Also remember that when it comes to the internet it is not always what it seems.
My viewpoint on internet safety has been hugely influenced by my own personal experience of someone pretending to be someone their not and also from friends that have had bad experiences with information that they choose to give away to strangers because they thought they knew that person by talking to them online. As I have gotten older I have a daughter and two young cousins and my opinion an letting kids know about being safe on the internet has greatly strengthened. I want kids to know that internet can be a great tool but it can also be a dangerous place.
Throughout my Innovations and Instruction class and learning about ways to incorporate technology and the internet into the classroom by viewpoint on digital citizenship has drastically been influenced.
The internet has become a major tool for today's youth and how they use it can have a major influence on their future. On of the biggest take aways I have learned is how important it is to teach students how to use the internet, safety, productively and effectively. Children that are still learning do not fully grasp the power of the internet and as teachers and parents it is our job to lead them and teach them to be successful.
After learning more about Digital Citizenship the way that I teach in the classroom will be greatly affected. My role is to better understand Digital Citizenship so that I can better teach my students how to be effective, safe and productive digital citizens.I want to teach students how to behave on the Internet as well as to learn all the opportunities that it offered so that they can get the most out of it!
Emphasis of what I want to teach children about the digital citizenship: *Tracking, facial recognition software, and scams *What you say and pictures you post are not private and can be seen by anyone (out of your control and untraceable* Inhibition effect *Health and wellness/ self protection * Challenges and Opportunities (WHAT AN AMAZING RESOURCE IT CAN BE) *How to use it academically as well as personally * What a digital footprint is, how it can impact their future and how to make it in their favor
Mainly how to be safe, fun and how to use it to its full potential.

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