BLM By Melissa Castro

Black lives matter is a campaign against violence, and racism toward black people. This has been around since 3 years ago, and is still going on till today. It mostly is happening in united states, it is affecting the black people especially, and they are hurt because of black lives matter, and it’s true they do matter.

The whites would disrespect them, they would have whites, and black school. The amount of freedom that the black had was very little, only the whites would have more freedom than the blacks. It is still happening today all because of racism the black people feel hurt and not cared for.

This is a picture of a black person that is probably tired, and want a good life.

Fifty years from now It would probably be over with and the blacks should have all rights just like whites, and maybe the blacks will forgive the whites for all of the things that the whites did to them in the pass. Then maybe the whites and blacks will stay away from the blacks.

Here is a person who support Black Lives Matter Jesse Williams, he supports Black Lives Matter because black lives do matter, and Jesse said “If you have no interest in equal rights for black people then don't make suggestions to those who do.’’

I can help the homeless people by giving them an education first, then give them the job, new cloths to wear, and then they will make enough money, so they can get a house or apartment for themselves and have a good life for now on.


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