Innovative solutions and enterprises to improve healthcare at a system level

Health2047’s studio, together with its business development resources and venture, clouts the AMA’s strengths and partners with leading companies. This is being done is order to fix the issues that exist within the healthcare system. Health2047 can be described as an integrative innovation company which has been created with the intention of improving US healthcare. The experts involved in the project will be lending their business and technology expertise so as to support the system-level healthcare solutions developed by health2047.

Long time ago, HP was known as a manufacturer of test equipment for electrical engineers. One of the biggest reason HP’s products succeeded back then was that they were being designed by the very people who ultimately were using them. Same is the case with healthcare; physicians are obliged to make use of electronic records however majority of them are currently not in a very good condition. The healthcare system in the US requires noteworthy improvements as many physicians are complaining that their HER systems are cumbersome, unintuitive and slow. As physicians don’t have time to start writing software code for the next generation of HER systems that their peers will use thus, healthcare IT vendors can’t replace HP’s model exactly. Nevertheless, the system is in dire need of physician engagement. Nevertheless, innovative studios such as health2047 are coming into being to ensure the required changes are being made.

It has become important for physicians to have a seat at the table when it comes to selecting and customizing the software they have to make use of on daily basis. As a result, recently The American Medical Association (AMA) has invested in an initiative known as health2047. Health2047 is intended to create new and important linkages between the physician community and the AMA’s content/regulatory experts with leading companies, emerging growth companies and individual entrepreneurs.

All in all, the US healthcare system is in dire need of new and innovative solutions such as health2047 that can fix the US healthcare system. Considering the AMA’s financial contribution in health2047 it represents a major step in expanding its innovation ecosystem. According to the company, their investment in health2047 tangibly underscores the current commitment of AMA. To conclude, health2047 is a company which combines strategy, design and venture discipline, working in partner with leading companies, physicians and entrepreneurs in attempt to mend the health care.

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