Deer Population Caleb Porter

The problem that deer face is that they are one of the most hunted animals in the world do to them over populating they are hunted by mountain lions, wolves, coyotes and humans. so that could be the reason why they reproduce so much. They usually move in packs and are always moving do to so many predators and that's also why the need so much water, they can be found near rivers and in the great plains, their main food is grass and berries. Sometimes they will emigrate into areas where it is hot, they usually emigrate because there is too many deer in the area and they would move north so they can populate up north, the births increase when they are loosing a lot of there own species and they are also experiencing possibly a new predator and now because they are populating so much they are running out of resources some deaths are due to cold temperatures or spring


Created with images by Antranias - "hirsch red deer cervus elaphus" • nakae - "deer" • JerzyGorecki - "deer forest winter"

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