Feel Inspired. Joline harris

An Inspiring message oh my gursh

You're beautiful, quit this nonsense, turn your chin to the sky, and smile. Be proud of your existence, be proud of who you are. There's no one like you , near or far. Look at the clouds and breath, fall down and get back up. I love you. Eternally I will love you, love your soul, love for a person of immense beauty. Like every other soul, you are constantly challenged and torn apart. Souls heal though, but not through physically inflicted pain. Look to the moon, for it has all of the answers; seer of all. In the moon's brightness you will see yourself, and love who you are. I know this is true. Illusions of all sorts might confront you now, but this is a world we shall not take for granted, enjoy it, live it up. It's the only life you have.


You are so beautiful. With your gentle voice. With your giant smile. You make my world.


As sweet a sunflower are the lips of my love. As soft as the clouds id that her hair. She bends and distorts like a flimsy branch in the wind. Rebuilds like the creatures of sand after the tides draw in. My love cannot however compare to anything in nature, for she has a personality brighter than that of the sun. A voice prettier than that of the wind. My love, not yours. -Dedicated to the ghost I call my love life. :)


You control your fate, so go out into the hectic world and do something amazing.

Have you seen?

Have you heard?

Talk slow, fast words.

Walk fast, small stride.



You and then there's me,

another wonderful


Unsolved, unseen.

Caught in the in


Eyes wander til' they


Glance, gasp, laugh.

Turn away fast.

Hectic, yet sad.

An unopened

door to


but here.

To our worst


Caught, grasped.

Laughed, escaped.

Holding onto

Seedless grapes.

Journey to an unknown


Anxieties, pain hides

Between, barely

even seen,

but there.

Ribbons tied around our


Another ribbon mistake.

But it's great how

mistakes grow to

form flowers, founders

of an unknown base.

Dirt, mud, shriveled


leaves and such.

But only to say we

planted these.

Smile at our

Candy, sweets.

Created By
Joline Harris


me lol

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