The Sketchbook By Paula Murcia

The Sketchbook Of An Artist

Oh how the Sketchbook talks

It speaks through powerful pictures-

With each scribbled page

The drawings speak words

Words that the artist can't speak,

Words they cannot write,

And emotions they speak through creativity

Each idea the artist draws,

Holds a different piece of their heart

And one hopeful happy day

The art of their heart will be displayed

For you see, the Sketchbook holds a future

Maybe for the artist, maybe for the world

But mainly for the large, lively walls

Where it's art will hang from

And although the Sketchbook has no name,

no identity and meaning to anyone else

To an artist, it is the closest thing to their soul

This poem is a free verse lyric poem. The devices used are personification, alliteration and metaphors. Personification can be seen in the first line, "the Sketchbook talks" and "the drawings speak words". And includes alliteration such as "large, lively" which describes the walls and "hopeful, happy" which describe the possible day. The theme of this poem is how big ideas can start from something small, such as a simple sketch from a Sketchbook. It also explains in a more literal sense on how a sketchbook can be an artist's diary but in drawing. It also says how even though something may be known by everyone else, to the creator it stills holds it's personal meaning.


Created with images by michelle brunner - "Inside my sketchbook" • jonas.lowgren - "Sketchbooks"

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