Blog Reading EDIM 510 Unit 3

Other than the required Discovery Education Network national blog, I choose to also read postings from Emerging EdTech, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, and The Innovative Educator. Emerging EdTech. The audience of the blogs ranged from educators to administration. The writing style and navigation meet the needs of the audience well. The similarities I found in the blog-writing styles across all the blogs I read included each blog has categories to help their readers find the most relevant content. Discovery Ed’s blog has an immense amount of articles and multiple categories choices to choose from. All of the blogs’ posting are usually condensed yet extremely informative pieces of writing. They are thought provoking postings with genuine ideas usually with a personal side.

I feel that reading a blog is different from other types of reading because they are more to the point. You usually leave after reading a blog wanting to do further research on a topic you have found or you are left with a new perspective to ponder. The writers’ want to get their information out the masses in a quick manner but that does not draw away from the content. There is one side of blogs which are different than other types of reading which is the option to buy books or materials from the blogger or an advertised company, which Educational Technology and Mobile Learning do heavily.

I do not think that writing blogs entries is different from other types of writing. It may not have the feel of “proper” publishing at times but in today’s digital world that does not matter. It is up the blog author to craft their entries the way they see fit which in turn can keep readers coming back or shy them away in the future. The most interesting part of blogs are the comments. This is where one can spend even more time in seeing how others either accept what the blogger has shared, or even disagree. It is an interesting world where there is such an instant collaborative tool in sharing views and information on the internet. The comments make blogs all the more meaningful!

Many aspects of blogs can enhance student learning. A teacher can utilize a blog in their instruction so students have another avenue to see what has been taught and or assigned. Students can share thoughts and ideas on given topics, add their own comments to others’ posts. They can really learn from one another. Students are given more chances to share their thoughts they might have been too afraid to speak out loud in class and actually type them. This can help to develop their writing skills. Students can also publish their own writing pieces for others to read. Blogging can be the new “wall outside of the classroom.” Student athletes can have a blog about their sports team and share important news with their school. It can be a great collaborative tool for our students.



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