Mongolia Ten Days mission trip

Sainuu! (Hello) The Ten Days mission trip to Mongolia was beyond what we could ask, think or imagine. I praise the LORD for HIS faithfulness, that also manifested in bringing people like you. Your prayers and support made this mission trip possible!

One of my highlights...

Meet the Grade 11 students from Ohnom University. We were able to share in one of their classes. We talked about purpose and what struck me was when I asked if they know who created them, and no one was able to answer.

Then one of them, Tumen (the guy on the rightmost in the picture below ) asked who is our creator and I answered, GOD. He replied that people say there are many gods, so who is my God. It paved way for me to share more about Jesus and my last conversation with him was that he will give Jesus a try. I am in faith that the seed planted in their lives will bear fruit.

Another highlight...

Meet Degi, the guy holding the selfie stick to take a group picture. This photo was taken the day before we left Mongolia, it was our last bonding with these students, whom we were able to engage during the days of the mission trip.

Degi who grew up not having a father figure found one through our team leader, Pastor Romel. Since day 1 that we met him, he never left the team, from hanging out almost everyday with the group, to one on one with Pastor Romel and even in our Youth Service where Jesus gave me the privileged to share His Word and lead the students to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Degi was one of them!

The 2nd picture below is the Sunday Service after we left. Pastor Oyuna, who is our Senior Pastor in Every Nation Mongolia, sent the picture to our team. I am so encouraged that Degi is still connected to the church! Not only that, the young girl in the picture, Any, is going through One2One with Pastor Oyuna. She was also one of the students that we got to engage with. God is so amazing, our labor is not in vain!

More highlights...

Once again, MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT! You are a big part of every life that has been touched through this mission trip. All of this is indeed by His grace (that is my greatest highlight) and to Him be all the glory!


Iris Samonte

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