Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2 By Pink Floyd

The Wall

1979 | Rock

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“We don't need no education. -- We don't need no thought control."


  • The song hit #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box charts. It is the bands only number one.
  • It was also the final Christmas number (#1 on the week Christmas falls) one of the decade in the UK.
  • The children of Islington School received tickets to a Pink Floyd concert, an album, and a single for their parts. The school received a payment of £1,000, with no contractual arrangement for royalties. A change to UK copyright law in 1996, made the students eligible for royalties from broadcasts & royalties agent Peter Rowan traced the choir members through the website Friends Reunited and other means and lodged a claim for royalties with the Performing Artists' Media Rights Association in 2004.
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Luke Tatum

Thought control. That's exactly what education has become, and perhaps what it had already become when this song was first released. Or, maybe, even way before then! Nick is right to point out the link to children becoming cannon fodder. (Or, as Megadeth would say, "good gears of war.") Just shut up, stay in line, do your work. Why does this formula solve for X? Because I said so. Right? Most of us have traveled this path already, and while we each had our own contours the journey is roughly equivalent. You're a brick, and they are the cement to keep you in place. Let's start crumbling that wall, folks.

Sherry Voluntary

This driven, chant-like tune is one of the amazing Pink Floyd’s most iconic. It illustrates so well the oppressiveness of the public school system. If I remember correctly, in the accompanying movie the children walk into meat grinders while this song is playing, expressing how the public school system is meant to tear down the children and make them conforming and controllable. Public schools are a huge tool in the arsenal of the power elite to create an acceptably pliant herd for the tax farm. Don’t kill all that is beautiful and wonderful in children by sending them to the institutions of thought control.

Nicky P

Those first two lines say everything you need to know about the modern education system. Take this song in tandem with any of the anti-war songs because this is how they get a citizenry OK with being used as cannon fodder. "All in all we're just another brick in the wall." There is an odd observation in this line that I assume was why it was chosen. If you pay attention to the extent of history there is definitely a trajectory that seems obvious since about at least the first world war. Civilization in it's entirety seems to be built on a foundation of constant war, and this becomes ever more absolute with every occupation we are kept from pulling out of. At the time of writing this I'm listening to both the left and the right gang up on president Trump over his desire to pull US troops out of anywhere. It's terrible to me but the only thing anyone seems to be able to agree on is we need to be murdering across the globe endlessly. A mindset that only anyone as thick as a brick could maintain and I wonder if the wall they're used to build is simply making sure we never realize human freedom in any meaningful way. Go research Prussian Model.

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Nicky P