Space Is Cool I loves space

Space is big.Like REALLY big and I wanna talk about it!


okay,first lets talk about our place in space.We are tiny compared to everything out there! think about the stars betelgeuse, they have a radious of 821.3 million km THATS HUGE! plus our solar system is just a small part of our galaxy: Milky Way:D Out in the night sky you might see (if your not in a city) a little smuch in the sky which is a galaxy called, Andromada. Andromada is a galaxy bigger than ours and they are aproching each other at 300K KM a second and it will collide with our galaxy Milky Way in about 4.3 Billion years.YEAH! But don't get all fomo!(Fear.Of.Missing.Out) Our sun will have probably gone supernova and it will gobble up earth so earth and all humans will...die.

thats all i have to say THANk you for reading!

BYE BYE THANKS for reading

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Niki Locking


Created with images by skeeze - "milky way andromeda stars" • WikiImages - "horsehead nebula dark nebula constellation" • Dustin Iskandar - "Milky Way" • skeeze - "andromeda galaxy milky way collision" • Vitor_Esteves - "Milky Way @ Figueira da Foz"

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