My dear Penelope I have this journal to tell you of all my victories throughout my epic journey. On my way back my crew and I stopped by the Cicones. We raid the town. Now since I am a great leader I told my crew to head straight back to the ship. But a man cannot control a free spirit. They stayed and the town gathered reinforcements and killed my men but i helped them escape.

Lotus Eaters

After the Cicones my men and I went to an island where I sent three men to look at the terrain. After a few hours and they still hadn't come back. Being the leader I am I went to look for my men. They had eaten a Flower that the plants had given them. The flower had made them lose all desire to go home. So with my strength I picked them up and carried them back to the ship and left.


After me and my men left the lotus eaters we were swept to a strange island. Me and my men went to explore this island. While we were there me and my men found a cave. We help our selves to cheese until we heard a stomping. Then a cyclopes walked in with all his sheep.He noticed us to after he milk the Sheep. When he first saw us he asked why we were there. When we told him we would guess by the gods he scream that he follows commands for know God and he slammed our men across the wall and ate them. With my great mind I gave him wine to make him go to sleep in while he was sleeping me and my men sharpened spear to stab him in the eye. Thus was our chance so we crawled under the sheep and we left.


After the battle with the Cyclops who sailed to the island of Aeolia where the wind god Aeolus pick up the evil winds in a bag for us. While sailing to Ithaca my men did not trust me and open the bag for letting the evil winds come out. Blowing us back to Aeolia.


After we sailed from the Island of Aeolia we land upon the dreaded island of the laestrygonians were no ship came back alive. Being the great leader I was I found a way to get out of the island and now I'm the only man to ever escape from the island. But because most of my crew.


After our fearful escape from the laestrygonians me and my men sailed to the island of the enchantress Circe. I sent a party of men to go and search the island but the only one who came back was Eurylochus. Due to my teaching I thought him to always be careful and when he came back he told me that Circe had made all the men animals. So on my quest to free my men Hermes came and feed me a plant to strengthen me against Circe's magic.


After I got Circe to fall for me I asked her if She could tell me away to get home she said yes but I would have to go to the land of the dead and talk to Teiresias. So I sacrificed a lamb and while I was in the underworld I saw my mother and my men. When I final meet the blind man I asked him how to get home and he told me that I will have a long winding journey ahead of me and to not eat the cattle of the sun god.


As we were headed to Scylla we passed by the Sirens were I had my men put bees wax in the ears to keep them from hearing there song while they tied me to a pole for me me to listen.


Now on our way to Ithaca we took the path of Scylla were she took some of my men.

After Scylla took my men we were stranded on the island of Thrinakia were the cattle of the sun god lay. While we were there a storm came and we were stranded there. So I went to pray and as I was praying the accursed gods put me in a sleep. Now during the the time I was asleep my men ate the cattle and I was blown to Calypso.


I was at Calypso's Island for about 7 years away from you my only love Until one day Hermes came. He gave her the message that Zeus should have me released. She tried many tricks to try and get me to stay but my love for you was to strong to ever keep me away.


Now when Calypso sent me on my way a storm hit and I was washed up upon the shores of Phaeacia. There I was told to tell my story of why I was there so I had told them what I was doing and they sent me on a ship to Ithaca where i would give this book to you.


Created with images by marta_b - "morocco clay clay city" • The Clovenhoof Society - "army" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Flower" • Renaud Camus - "Le Jour ni l'Heure 1148 : Polyphème et les compagnons d'Ulysse, peintures en grisaille, c. 1820 ?, dét., de la villa Manzoni, demeure de famille d'Alessandro Manzoni, 1785-1872, Lecco, Lombardie, Italie, jeudi 11 août 2011, 16:34:28" • barryskeates - "Sail boat" • ulleo - "sheep view animal"

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