Spring ESafety Update LIscard primary school

Our Latest E Safety News...

eCadet Impact at Liscard...

Our eCadet team is now fully established in school and have been deployed across the year groups to share important E Safety updates.

The pupils designed a fabulous E Safety survey for our KS1 and our KS2 children to take part in, which helped us direct our learning to address any misconceptions.

eCadets are meeting each half term to share celebrations and feedback from class discussions. The children are also collecting lists of new apps they are playing on so eCadets can research and offer any safety warnings and advice.

National Internet Safety Day at Liscard...

As part of Internet Safety Day 2018, a group of Y5 and 6 pupils from eCadets and Anti Bullying Ambassadors attended a fabulous training session at Liverpool Football Club. The children took part in a series of sessions to raise awareness of internet safety issues, where they came back to school to feed back the key messages.

We would like to say a special "thank you" to Mr O'Neill for organising this incredible opportunity.

E Safety Awareness at Liscard...

We have had several successful E Safety days conducted over the past few months.

In October, alongside Anti Bullying week, children throughout the school took part in a fabulous day where they created films, digital photo collections, animations and digital artwork to share the different types of Cyber Bullying.

Similarly in January, year groups took part in Safer Internet Day activities to learn about the importance of keeping our personal information safe when we are online.

Recommended E Safety Films for Parents...

Here are two films which are recommended viewing for both parents and children. You may wish to watch them together with your child to help with discussing the dangers of being online.

The CEOP website offers excellent resources for sharing important E Safety messages with children. This particular film is targeted at 5-7 year olds.

The second clip is for 8-11 year olds, focusing on preventing online grooming and the importance of keeping our personal information private online.

As a direct result of our E Safety survey, there were several apps and online games which we have researched and would like to feedback some of the dangers to parents.

What is Fortnite?

The Dangers:

  • Highly addictive, violent gam
  • Battle Royale version pits players against 100 others
  • Players battle against zombie like monsters
  • Violence is persistant but in a cartoon appearance
  • Players could be exposed to offensive language from random strangers in voice, or on-screen text chat
  • Age limit set to 13+

Our Tips to Parents:

  • Find out how to block and report before they start using the game.
  • Make sure children know never to respond if they get asked something inappropriate, or if they are asked for any personal information such as where they live, age, etc.
  • Take 15 mins and sit and play games with your children before they allow them to play them on their own.
  • Keep smart devices and gaming consoles out of the bedroom.
  • Consider saying “don’t do this” and offer a “do this” alternative.

All article credits to Safe On Social

Snapchat........we have a problem!

If you have allowed your primary school student or young teen a snapchat account, here’s something you need to be aware of.

The Dangers:
  • If the location services for the app are turned on a very concerning security problem is revealed.
  • Snapchat lured in their audience based on the fact that their pics would disappear after a short amount of time - these snaps can be screen captured.
  • A large percentage of kids say they use Snapchat because their parents don’t.
  • Enter a school name or a suburb into the search feature on Snapchat and the app will deliver to you all of posts being made in proximity to the location - children are easily targeted.
  • Complete strangers are able to target your child’s Snapchat profile, using the school they attend as a way to find them.
  • Strangers can also interact with the child through their account, and become “friends” with them on any other social media account.

All article credits to Safe On Social

Our Tips for Parents:
  • Respect the age restrictions of 13+
  • Build trust with your child by explaining why you insist the account be set to private.
  • Ensure that Ghost Mode is enabled on the Snap Map, so account holder information is hidden.
  • Turn the location services for the app off on the device.
  • Regularly review with your child who interacts with their account.

All article credits to Safe On Social

There are many websites offering advice to Parents on E Safety....a few of the main links are added below...

If you have any concerns regarding E Safety and your child, please come and speak to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update, we hope it has provided you with some top tips to help with E Safety.

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