Let me first start with the reason I made this guide. Why did I? Why? Because EVERYONE is curious. You may not know how to ask, it might be slightly embarrassing or you just don't know the right words. You may think boudoir is porn or trashy. You may be price shopping ( I really hope not, I really hope you like my work and style and how I treat each lady that comes to me, but I do know money plays a factor into actually DOING something, I'm not dumb ). You may think you have to only wear lingerie and only the expensive kind. I hope this helps you with the majority of your questions. Even if it doesn't help at all it was fun making it! So enjoy it!

When playing truth or dare...always choose dare.

You got questions, I got answers. If this guide doesn't answer them don't be afraid to hit me up and ask. You may think it's a silly question or maybe you just missed it, I'll either answer it or tell you where to find it in this guide!

My body is normal and I'm not trying to prove anything.

I recently did a poll and some of you wanted INCLUSIVE sessions...sessions with products or image files... here you go.

You will need $150 to start a payment plan on these as well. Same policies apply with these as the traditional session fees. No refunds on monies paid towards any sessions, traditional or inclusive.

Men can do boudoir too!

I love to travel! Please ask about traveling sessions and rates!

Products! Choosing how you'll display your art from your experience is one of the most exciting parts! There are so many ways to display- from mobile apps to large wall art pieces! There is a minimum of $800 to order. Payment plans available. Please don't let cost effect your desire to get what you want. I am able to work with every lady with every budget!

Boudoir is what YOU want it to be!

Boudie bank accounts are perfect for ladies who don't have a time sensitive need.

You are worth it.

Love yourself.

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Melody Dollarhide

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