Let me first start with the reason I made this guide. Why did I? Why? Because EVERYONE is curious. You may not know how to ask, it might be slightly embarrassing or you just don't know the right words. You may think boudoir is porn or trashy. You may be price shopping ( I really hope not, I really hope you like my work and style and how I treat each lady that comes to me, but I do know money plays a factor into actually DOING something, I'm not dumb ). You may think you have to only wear lingerie and only the expensive kind. I hope this helps you with the majority of your questions. Even if it doesn't help at all it was fun making it! So enjoy it!

When playing truth or dare...always choose dare.

You got questions, I got answers. If this guide doesn't answer them don't be afraid to hit me up and ask. You may think it's a silly question or maybe you just missed it, I'll either answer it or tell you where to find it in this guide!

My body is normal and I'm not trying to prove anything.

"On the 5th Boudoir" - Intimate & Boudoir Portraiture. Details are below.

You have 2 options :

pay the 375 session fee, schedule your date and then pay in full for your products at your purchasing appointment


start an in house pre-payment plan ( 3, 6 or 9 month terms ) and then come to your session money stress free ( this plan includes your session fee price & at the least our smallest album- you can add more session potions & you can add more products, it’s totally up to you, but your plan will include your basics ).

**Please note you CAN upgrade and add on products after your session, after you have seen your images.**

For any questions please contact me.

All in studio photo shoot sessions include prep guide, hair styling and makeup application-including lashes, up to 90 minutes shooting time, with 2-3 outfit changes and an in person purchasing appointment ( 1-2 weeks after your session date ) where you view and order your images in products you want. Products are purchased separately. Please contact me for pricing and offerings. Photo shoots available on location as well. Please contact me for special packages.

The basic flow of your day :

You will arrive with clean and dry hair and a clean and makeup free face ( unless you are coming "ready to shoot", then please have your hair and makeup ready before you arrive at the studio ) and my artist will glam you up with your own Diva look and I promise you'll look like a million bucks, then right after you will get ready for your session, this is where the fun begins. You will show me what you brought, I will show you what I have as well, we will start WORKING on your session, striking poses and snapping photos. Don't worry about posing... I will tell you how to move, how to breathe, where to put your hands, how to move you legs. Please be aware that posing can and usually does hurt and it is a workout. I always say "if it hurts it looks good". You may need to take a break for a few minutes, I am not lying, it is a WORKOUT! But it is fun and we laugh a lot. I do suggest taking some advil or tylenol shortly after your session, you will be all kinds of bendy and all kinds of stretchy and you will need the relief.

Session Add Ons

🖤Shower Scene 50

🖤Glitter Boobs & Butt 75

🖤Second Subject 100 ( may have additional hair and makeup fee as well )

🖤 Victoria Secret Angel Wings 125

🖤Outdoor Location, Same Day 150

🖤Friday, Saturday or Closed Holiday 275

Images are seen at your next appointment with me, this is your purchasing appointment. You will see your images, you will decide how you want to display your images - album, heirloom box, wall art, etc.- I have worked closely with my lab. What you spend is up to you, some ladies spend $400, some spend $2000 and some spend $6000, since I work so closely with my lab we created some collections that will get you everything you want a discounted price. Please do not worry about the price, there are payment plan options to make sure you get what you want and need. If you have any questions please contact us! Please note that once you book you WILL get more details, so many details of how hair and makeup goes, how sessions flow and studio location, a what to wear guide I made just for my ladies, products I offer, along with the product shopping guide and of course the consult to discuss what you want, what you expect, how we can achieve that together and how I plan to make it happen for you! As always - Your beauty, My art!

**Please ask about the discount for a same day purchasing appointment.**

**Please be aware, these rates can increase due to various reasons- travel, turn around rush, special products needed for your customized session, additional location, etc. But you will find my prices for session fees and products falls right in to the standard rates of professional photographers**

Booking is easy! Look for the link below by the photo says “important” or send me an email or phone call melodydollarhide@hotmail.com / 918-541-3542

Please remember your date is NOT scheduled until you pay your session fee ( with the agreement to pay in full at your purchasing appointment ) or if you choose the payment plan your date will be scheduled when you pay the 2nd to last payment.

We do not HOLD dates without payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be aware that additional fees may be applied - i.e. : travel, turn around/rush, special products needed for customized sessions, additional locations, additional sets, extensive props, etc.

I will send a reminder 10 days before your session date along with an invoice of the balance that must be paid ONE week ( 7 days ) before your session date.

Rescheduling must be done 72 ( or more ) hours prior to your session date or all monies paid are retained for our convenience. No contact, no call/no shows are considered canceled, no refunds are given due to the nature of our services. Canceled appointments/sessions require the booking process to start over, no monies applied. If canceled 2 times you will be put on our “non client” list. Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.

🖤Due to the nature of my services, no refunds are available, date transfers are possible with appropriate notice. Thank you!

Men can do boudoir too!

I love to travel! Please ask about traveling sessions and rates!

Products! Choosing how you'll display your art from your experience is one of the most exciting parts! There are so many ways to display- from mobile apps to large wall art pieces! There is a minimum of $800 to order to qualify for a payment plan. With payment plans available ( no interest, in house financing). please don't let cost effect your desire to get what you want. I am able to work with every lady with every budget!

There is NO minimum to order, some ladies spend $400 and some spend $6000.

Boudoir is what YOU want it to be!

*No refunds for any and all monies paid, however a date transfer is possible with appropriate notice. Without appropriate notice an additional fee will be required or the booking process may need to start all over with no money credit. Session must take place within 8 weeks of booking ( paying 100 ), if you go past the 8 weeks an additional fee will be required. If you reach 16 weeks you will lose all monies paid and must start the booking process over with all booking fees paid in full to set your date, including the partner salon fee. The only exception to this policy is the BOUDIE BANK PLAN. Products and digital files can be purchased at your ordering appointment in 2-4 weeks.

You are worth it.

Love yourself.

Unleash your inner beauty!

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Melody Dollarhide

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