Prehistoric sharks Collin gentrup

Why do some sharks live in the swamp? The xenacanthus hunts in the swamp and rivers. That shark is about 1 meter long. This shark lived in USA,‭ ‬Europe and India.
How does the sharks swim so fast? The stethacanthus was the fastest shark that lived 320 million years ago. The stethacanthus had a hair brush looking dorsal fin. This shark was Approximately 70 centimetres long.
How did this shark get so big? The megalodon grow up to 50 feet. The megalodon hunted any thing that a bit littler than the shark. For examples they hit whales turtles and othe sharks.
What is the saw like mouth for? The Helicoprion has this mouth for grabbing its pray until it die's. The Helicoprion is about 3-4 meters long., D. P. (n.d.). TOP TENPREHISTORIC SHARKS. Retrieved April 14, 2017, from Sharks: The Strange and Terrifying Prehistoric World. (n.d.). Retrieved April 14, 2017, from


Created with images by James St. John - "Carcharodon megalodon fossil shark jaw (reconstruction) (upper Cenozoic) 1" • grotos - "120" • wscottheath - "Stethacanthus" • James St. John - "Carcharodon megalodon fossil shark tooth (upper Cenozoic; Eastern Seaboard of America)" • wscottheath - "And you thought your kid needed braces..." • ryn413 - "Sharks!@#U%$^%#$%^#"

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