Making it Mobile How I adjusted my gear for studying abroad

It was all set. I had just made my down payment. I was going to do it. I was going to see the world and bring my camera with me to document it.

I am going to Ireland.

So why did I feel so bad about going? As a mass communication major this was the opportunity of a life time! I was going to pack light, drink a lot of beer, pray in St. Patrick's Cathedral, and document it all with my cam-

Oh wait that's right.... I shouldn't bring my DSLR camera. My instructor told me I would be too encumbered. That's what it was.

Why don't I just leave my arm at home. Just a bunch of useless weight anyway.

Leaving my camera behind was a crazy idea to me! It was like going to a wedding but leaving your good tuxedo at home.

Not just that but if I was going to leave my camera home I would have no use for my mic. My plan for capturing all the sounds of Ireland.

How will people know what the water sounds like crashing against the Cliffs of Moher unless I document it?

Worst of all. If I was going to be encumbered with my DSLR and shotgun mic, how could I bring along my new 3-axis gimbal?!

A gimbal I bought specifically for this trip!

How could I go to Ireland without my crew?!

So I did what most Millenials do when they are anxious about something.

I distracted myself.

With Snapchat

And I continued drowning my sorrows in snaps for awhile.

But then I realized something while making my hip 90's reference.

My phone could be my designated camera for the trip!

But I needed more gear to get the quality I was looking for.

So I started shopping!

And shopping...

Until I had ordered all the gear that I needed to give my phone the best quality possible.

Once everything arrived I was ready to start testing out my new, more mobile set up

Meet my new star lineup!

My battery case helped me film longer with an extra battery's worth of charge. The Rode VideoMic Me finally solved the problem of poor quality audio. And with the Binko Videook stabilizer shaky hand shots were now a thing of the past as well.

My new more mobile setup was tested and good to go!

Oh and most importantly. With the Binko stabilizer all folded up, everything was small enough to fit in a fanny pack!

Fun and fashionable!

Okay maybe not fashionable but I'll figure out how to carry it better in no time.

Because it's so easy!

So I hope you were able to learn something from all this. If nothing else at least you were able to see that especially with today's technology you always have options to get the shot you need.

And that the mobility of phones and the convenience of gear is the way of the photo future!

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