fact file of David Attenborough, related to living things and habitats by samira5k

this is a waterfall in a rainforest.

what David attenbourgh is known for being a famous ecologist, travelling all around the world and starring in wildlife doucemantires for the BBC. his most famous work was planet earth series released in 2006 that had episodes of wildlife in different habitats.

Male superb bird.

The male superb bird lives in the Amazon rain forest. During mating season the male superb bird attracts the female bird by doing mating dance and calls but often the female superb bird is picky and a lot male superb birds don't breed.

Tropical rain forests lie along the equator and are have the most diverse wildlife. Example they could be around 20 or 40 species of monkey sharing a tree in the rain forest.Rain forests get 12 hours of sunlight 365 days a year and lots of rain. Did you know the rain forest has so many animal species that hundreds are unknown to science.

This is a Rain forest
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