Curtain Trends Fall/Winter 2021 PAGUNETTE

Natural Shades

The world is loud, dirty and constantly demanding our attention. We seek solace in nature, but modern life seems to be in short stock of the comforting earthy hues of the wilderness surrounding us.

With our fall collection ‘Natural shades’, you can bring nature indoor. The collection is grounded in warm and rustic shades, with calming and beautiful botanical prints. It is sure to bring warmth and peace to your home during this fall and winter.

Soft Neutrals

The Scandinavian look is known for having a minimalist expression, without seeming cold and barren. We decided to up the ante with an even more organic approach to the style: New minimalism. While being simple and sophisticated, New minimalism has a softer and more organic appearance, while retaining the classic elegance that made it popular to begin with.

In the collection, you will find beautiful herringbone patterns, burnout textiles and room high linen fabrics, in wonderfully soft neutrals.

Nordic Blues

‘Sea’ – A simply word that manages to incapsulate the essence of the Nordics. For millennia the Nords were seafarers, and exploring the ocean was ingrained in our DNA.

We’ve translated the deep-rooted longing for the sea, into a beautiful collection of high-quality textiles in blue and green shades. You will find the colours repeated throughout the collection, in both sheer and solid fabrics, and mixed with beautiful botanical prints.

Tinted Pastels

Nostalgia – a feeling that encapsulates both deep sadness and ecstatic joy. Nostalgia reminds of us a time and a place we have lost for good, while at the same time showing us that it never really left.

We have bottled the feeling and are now presenting the nostalgic fall trend, “Tinted Pastels”. The collection has been created using soft and feminine shades, with traditional weaving techniques and complimentary botanical paintings. The collection comprises of everything from thick and luscious velvet, to airy and sheer fabric.