Vietnam War Info


The belief in Vietnam for American soldiers was that we weren't prepared, and a lot of soldiers are still impacted today from this bloody war with PTSD.


The tactics used in the Vietnam War wasn't like any other war we've been apart of considering gorilla warfare and kidnapping and torture. For American soldiers it was hard for us because being a jungle was new for everyone and they had an advantage being on home turf kind of like a playoff series.


The home front was the start of the Vietnamese when they destroyed two U.S destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.


The music was very similar to what you hear in the famous Forrest Gump movie with Tom Hanks, a lot of old school rock and a lot of BBQ music considering they weren't eating home cooked meals anytime soon.


The first use of Propaganda for the Americans was to try and help out the southern Vietnamese Government. The theory of this was to try and prevent communism to spread across the world, and we teamed up to make sure that wouldn't happen.


The protests on the Vietnam War were very extreme and people didn't like the thought of Gorilla warfare since that's all that was used since the fight was in a jungle, and this was never really considered a war anyway.


The Media with the Vietnam wasn't like any other war that America has been apart of except WWII. It was the bloodiest war we've ever had and some of the newspaper adds were really graphic. It showed the American people what bloody warfare was and honestly gave the American people a scare.


The economics during the Vietnam War just added more factors to why our economics is chaos. The factors that play in to the economy are debt, consumption, investment, jobs, taxes, government beliefs, and inflation.

Government/Foreign Policy

Vietnam affected the United States in so many ways. Especially to there war policy, the U.S going away from the drafting of soldiers to a volunteer work job. Also President Nixon was limited to how many troops he could send in to Vietnam because congress veto'd a bill he tried to pass.

The Draft

The draft didn't mean much after the Vietnam War, but the biggest part of the draft that I personally heard about was the Muhammad Ali incident when he was drafted and he didn't even want to go, actually refused to go and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Family Roles

The family roles were mostly the same as they were in World War Two, most of the women would stay at home and work and make the money and take care of the kids, the men of the group would get drafted and go across to fight for there freedom.

Re-integration into society

The process for these soldiers to come back into the states wasn't an easy one. Dealing with PTSD and coming back to the states confused and all the soldiers would come back either an alcoholic, drug lord, or both. But I can see why they would be like this considering what they saw everyday.


They thought there was communism in southern Vietnam and they wanted to stop that before it reached out into Asia.

Race Equality

Black America didn't want to fight for rich white men that were racists and didn't treat them well. They felt that was unfair and that if the white men wouldn't treat them well, they wouldn't want to fight.

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