The OptiFer® products have potential iron deficiency is international

According to the World Health Organization: "Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world. As well as affecting a large number of children and women in developing countries, it is the only nutrient deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in Industrialized Countries."

In other words Iron deficiency is truly international and must be countered as such.

The world needs a therapy for iron deficiency, but which are the demands?

Heme iron has much higher uptake than any other form

It must be efficient.

There are only two forms of oral iron we can use; Heme and Non-heme iron. Heme is iron bound to the molecule of hemoglobin in meat. This form has historically always been the most important source for humans because it is taken up very well. In fact uptake for heme iron is between 20 - 40 % compared to synthetic/artificial forms in the regular supplements, that have an uptake of only 2 - 4 %.

No tolerance issues with heme iron

It must be well-tolerated

Heme iron has no known side-effects and hemoglobin tablet supplementation in studies has an excellent record for tolerance. The other forms synthetic/artificial chemically bonded non-heme iron such as Ferrous Sulphate and Ferroglycine Sulphate often give therapy-ruining side-effects.

Raw material shortage unthinkable

It must remain available, effective and tolerated over time

The raw material for heme iron is and will be available in much larger amounts than what is going to be needed.

The efficacy of heme iron will not change. The dose remains the same, which is good news for chronics.

Tolerance for heme iron does not change over time, where non-heme iron supplements will give side-effects sooner or later.

Safety first

It must be safe and easy to use

Heme iron supplements have been in large-scale usage in Scandinavia since the seventies. There are no reported incidents of serious side-effects or poisonings after use by literally millions. Dosage is the easiest possible; 1 - 2 tablets per day at any time.

OptiFer® is approved by the EU and the FDA

It must be easy to register and launch on new markets

The OptiFer® series of heme iron supplements is approved by the United States FDA and the EU. It is available in North America and Europe. The OptiFer® series of heme iron supplements is or will shortly be on the market also in South American, Middle East, African and Asian countries. There is a wealth of technical, legal, market and medical material available. Dosage and packaging are easily adapted to different market regulations.

All certification available

It must be reasonably priced

Chronics have traditionally had only intravenously given iron left as the alternative, since iron is vital to life, This form is however very expensive and has to be professionally administered. It also has potentially fatal side-effects such as oxidative stress.

Reasonable cost per day

The OptiFer® series of heme iron supplements have a low cost per day compared to the regular non-heme oral preparations and therapy is much cheaper and easier than intravenous or transfusions.

Created By
Michael Collan, NutriCare Division of MediTec Group


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