2021 Edition #3

Mindfulness Matters - Rushing

The Future is NOW with Remote Control Technology

Caterpillar came to Dearborn, Michigan to demo their remote control technology. See below for photos and videos of Levy employees operating loader in Arizona while sitting in Michigan!

Mr. Levy making the rounds with a visit to the newest domestic site in Kentucky - Brandenburg Mill Services

Pictured L-R: Dean Comer, Greg Sherman, Ed Levy Jr., Tommy Combs

Haulin’ Reader Quarterly Newsletter

Nicole Platt of Levy's EHS team has a quarterly 1 page newsletter of helpful and educational driving related tips for Levy employees. Contact Nicole at nplatt@edwclevy.net to learn more!

Happy 4 year Anniversary Levy México!

Congratulations to SSMS! Three of their sites ---NTS, SISCO and SCSC --- all received a 5 Star Safety Rating from their customer, Tata Steel. An outstanding recognition for their top-notch safety program.

On August 13th, Levy Technical Laboratories opened their doors for Levy Management to see the new facility at the Lab Open House. The day was filled with learning as they toured the new facility, highlighting key upgrades and important features of the new facility.

If anyone is interested in setting up a tour of the new lab, please contact Kelly Cook at kcook@edwclevy.net – they can’t wait for more visitors!

Levy Texas Mill Services is getting their Eclipse process in place and ready for the steel mill to start up.

Look After Your Mate

Watch this video and learn how ASMS is addressing mental health

The Michigan Aggregates group partnered with local first responders to conduct training exercises to help ensure first responders know where we operate, the types of hazards they might encounter at our sites, and how best they can help in the event of an emergency. The first site to host such a training event was at the Castle Rd. operation.

The 2020 Liv Levy Safety Award World Tour Continues:

2020 winners - International and Flame Service groups

And the winner of the 2021 Liv Levy Safety Award is...

Going to be announced in the next edition of the Levy Link!

Schmidt Construction featured in the local news for their 2C work and unique method of road reconstruction. Click the link and scroll down to view the "Residential Paving Projects Step-By-Step" video!
Gary Lowell of Protocon RM speaks about the partnership with the Detroit Training Center and the Concrete Mixer Truck Driver program in this article in Detour Detroit

Both Levy Leadership and Levy Leadership 2 classes will be hosted in person throughout 2022! Keep your eyes out for the next offering!