Toby and simon By: alex

Toby is 13 years old and lives in TownsVille, Wisconsin. He lives at home with his Mom, Dad, and little brother Manny. Manny is eight years old. His Mom and Dad both work long hours so they usually leave early in the morning and get back late at night. Toby and Manny have to wake themselves up in the morning and get their own breakfast. At night they have to also make themselves their own dinner. Neither of them like having their parents gone all the time but they know they need the money to pay for things like rent, food, gas, and any other necessities.

Toby hates school and Manny loves school. Manny has gotten good grades and Toby was getting good grades until he met Simon. Toby and Simon became really good friends.

One day after school Simon told Toby to meet him at the back of the school so he could show him something really cool. At first Toby was kind of suspicious and was debating if he should meet him but he trusted Simon. After school ended he met Simon and saw something that blew his mind. “Simon how did you do that.”

“I was born with the ability to teleport!” Simon said.

“But how?” Toby said.

“I honestly don’t know! I also have the ability to give one other person powers too, but I was told to give it to only the most loyal and honest person.”

“I’m loyal and honest! Simon please can I have powers too!” Toby said.

“You will get your powers but not right away. You will have to work hard for them if you really truly want them,” Simon said.

“Okay. I guess. I mean having powers would be really cool.” Toby said with a bit of anger.

He really wanted powers and to be almost like a sidekick to Simon. Toby was so excited and wanted to tell Manny when he got home. Simon told Toby that if he told anyone he wouldn’t get his powers ever. So Simon made Toby promise that he would never tell anyone about him getting powers or Simon having powers. Toby agreed and immediately asked him what the first thing he had to do to become a so called “Superhero”. Simon said, “ You have to complete a challenge to prove you’re fit enough. You also have to run a mile, do 100 push-ups, and start getting your grades back up.”

“Really is that all!” Toby said in a very sarcastic voice.

“Actually it is. I care about your grades. If you continue getting bad grades colleges will look back at your grades and may reject you. So you need to pick it up in school and start putting in the effort to get your grades back to the way they were.”

“Okay. I know I have been putting in less and less effort into my school work. I promise I will try harder in school not only for the powers but for my future too.”

The next week Toby met up with Simon and started doing the training to get his powers. Simon pushed Toby as far as he could go. Toby finished the mile and the 100 push-ups but was still getting bad grades. So he kept studying and studying until he got at least a B in each of his classes. He was then trying harder at school and his grades were finally rising. Both Simon and Toby were really proud. Toby couldn’t believe if you actually put in the time to study once or twice a day for a subject, how much better you could do in that class.

After Toby kept his grades up, Simon decided it was time that Toby would get his powers. He called Toby and told him to come to his house. When he arrived Simon took Toby to his basement.

“Okay. Toby you have been doing very well in school and I think it’s time for you to get your powers. I have chosen the ability to fly for you.” said Simon.

“Thank you so much Simon! I promise I won’t tell anyone about my powers! Can I be your sidekick too?” Toby said with lots of excitement.

“Sure why not you’ve worked really hard. I think you deserve it.” Simon replied.

“Thanks Simon you’re the best, but how do I fly?” Toby said.

“You have to use your mind and think only about flying.” Simon answered.

“Okay. That seems pretty hard but I’ll try when I get the chance.” Toby said.

After Toby figured out how to fly Simon once again told him that if his grades start to drop again that he would take them away until they went back to the way they were supposed to be.

Toby and Simon went on to only fight one guy in that year but they still felt good taking action and feeling like they were actual super heros.

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