Many people live in a bi-polar world. The world is not divided into right and left. People have divided it - but this separation is entirely artificial. The world just is. There is a division that Jesus talked of. This division is life as opposed to non-life. People, institutions, societies and nations may be divided into those who multiply life and those who deplete it. Whether we are life-multipliers depends on our attitude to truth. Is truth what suits us or is truth the expression of all that is alive.

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10.

God’s plan is that you have as much life as God has – unlimited life. We have that life when we agree that we are in Christ and as such drawn into the completeness of the life that is His. “Thomas Torrance uses the words, “ deo semper maior ” – God is always greater than anything we could ever think or ever say about God. So it’s only in a participatory relation, when we actually come to know the love of God in Christ.” (1)

We are alive when we are woven into God.

His life in us is spirit and life!

When Christ is our life we come to experience that which is Christ’s – His relationship with Father and Holy Spirit. When Christ is our life we enter ‘deep God.’ This is to say immersion in the river of life since God is life personified. This state of being is prior to the gifts of the Spirit and indeed has to be. Because the outpouring and the gifts are the effect and result of our new covenant union with God. If life is truth and truth is life, life is also love that is real and uncontrived. This is because the love is not sputtering from our attempts to live it but because it is the natural effect of Jesus manifesting as us. ‘Love’ that is paying off God or attempting to pay back Jesus is not love. It’s just guilt driving attempted holiness – religion. There is a love that is spontaneous and an outflow of our person because it’s Christ in us doing the loving.


The love of God in you and in us.


“There’s a wonderful story about Major Ian Thomas that illustrates this. He became a Christian when he was in high school, and he became a whirlwind of activity for Christ in high school and all through college. This went on for about seven years until he burned himself out. One night in desperation, in despair, he got down on his knees by his bed and he prayed. He knew that God was going to be terribly disappointed that he’d reached this point of crisis in his life, and so he said, “Lord, for the last seven years, I’ve done everything in my power to live my life for you. I tried to bear witness in the gospel, I tried to being faithful, but I’m sorry, I just don’t have what it takes to be a Christian. I’m sorry, I quit.” Thomas said, “I thought that Christ was going to be very disappointed.” But he said, “No sooner than those words left my mouth, I sensed Christ breathe a great sigh of relief. It was as if Christ was saying to me, “for seven years, with great dedication and misguided zeal, you’ve been trying to live a life for me that only I can live through you, and finally, I’m in business.” Thomas went back and read the New Testament, and he was amazed at how much there is about this in the New Testament. “It’s no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” Or in John 15, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If the branch remains in me it bears much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing.” (2)

Giving Jesus the opportinity to be our life.

Alive in Christ we are life-imparters. We are not stuck on ideology or perspective. Christ is our life. The trinity live in us and we have what they have and we are who they are. Not Gods but sons and daughters of God.

You exude spirit and life because you are Christ's life.

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