I'm Lovin it Stephen Miller

Something I enjoy doing, well I love riding horses, hunting, and really just being outdoors. To focus on one thing, I sure do love to hunt. I hunt deer, and mainly ducks. I live in West Tennessee approximately an hour east of the Mississippi river meaning it's one of the best places to duck hunt in the country. I love duck hunting more than deer due to the relaxed environment. You can talk to your friends, laugh, cook food, or really whatever you wanna do versus deer hunting where you can't even fart. Duck hunting is special to me, I take it very serious as I am passionate about it. I love waking up at 3am, loading the boat and heading to the field. Cruising in the boat while it's pitch dark to the blind feeling that 20 degree wind hit you is incredible. Once you get to the blind, you then gotta throw hundreds of decoys out, load you guns and start calling and get ready, because there coming. I especially sharing the duck hunting experience with others who may have never been. I love sharing that experience with my dog to; a yellow lab, he loves going out in the water and grabbing the ducks we shot. He gets so excited when I start blowing the duck call and that is just awesome to me. Killing ducks is only half of it to, my favorite part about all of it is just nature and how beautiful it is. Man I love it.


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