Hour of Code at Orange Preparatory Academy

Learning to code and helping others. When you can teach others, you have truly learned.
Applying dancing counts and measurements to coding!
Finding it easy and then challenging but helping each other is necessary.

December 9th - 13th

This week is Computer Science Week - Try One Hour of Code
  • Block Code - Easy - Hour of Code - Dr. Seuss The Grinch http://www.grinchhourofcode.com/ Write your own Flappy Code https://studio.code.org/flappy/1 Robo Garden - https://hourofcode.com/rginter Star Wars - https://studio.code.org/s/starwarsblocks/stage/1/puzzle/1 Intermediate - Make a Sound Recorder - https://gpblocks.org/hourOfCode2018/soundRecorder Build a Catapult - http://gpblocks.org/hourOfCode2017b/ Code Monkey - https://app.codemonkey.com/hour-of-code/trivia-chatbot/course#1 Make your own Beats - https://codehs.com/editor/hoc/video/963996/6636/4747?


Created with images by Thought Catalog - "I love Snapchat" • Sašo Tušar - "Audio mixing table"