The Book thief Jacob Gutherless

Theme 1: Passion Is Dangerous

"As the book quivered in her lap, the secret sat in her mouth. It made itself comfortable. It crossed its legs." (Zusak 170)

This quote from the book illuminates the very essence of the fact that her very own deep passion has controlled her and sent her to a new and surprising level of desire to fight for what she believes to be right in this slow and cruel world. It becomes an item of power and Liesel lives for the very fact of living to read.

The civil rights era in American history in which African Americans fought for their freedom and their very right to live directs to this topic in many ways. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the rights of his people through extreme passion and dedication. He laid down his life in order to do what he felt right in this world, almost like Liesel and Rudy.

Theme 2: The strength of friendship can conquer fear

"Twenty-four hours later, Liesel and Rudy braved the wire fence again and filled their sack."(Zusak 112)

Liesel and Rudy set out on a voyage unknown and mysterious to the world around them. They were dissatisfied and horrified by the direction in which the world was going and had an idea to rebel against the dangerous force bound to punish them. Together they stepped over the limitations of their mind and faced the fearful world with brave intent.

After the loss of punk rock legend, Tony Sly, the crew on Fat Wreck Chords came together to embrace his legacy and truly help each other be strong. With an album of No Use For A Name covers by all of the artists on Fat Wreck Chords, a true dedication to continue his charity, and many songs dedicated to the quiet front man for one of the 90's most influential punk bands, the ones who loved him were truly able to be strong and live the lives that Tony would have wanted them too.

Theme 3: Tough times bring people together

"For at least twenty minutes, she handed out the story. The youngest kids were soothed by her voice." (Zusak 238)

In tough times, people are faced with many conflicting situations of what to do and where to go and sometimes it is the smaller things and the people around you that truly bring people together. In this book, reading is a main emphasis and it truly brings people closer and gives them solace compared to the horrible world around them.

After the terror attack on the twin towers in 2001, America fought hard to bounce back and really came together as a nation. We celebrate the live's of those lost in 9/11 every year and you can truly feel the empathy and love that everyone has for each other to support the terrible losses they experienced.

Summative Theme: The strength of friendship can conquer fear.

Me and my best friend Jeremy the day he moved away.
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