MY SUMMER By:max Engelking

I had a very eventful summer this year that I would like to share with you guys! It started with Memorial day weekend at Grandview lake in Columbus, Indiana.

I caught a huge frog and my dad dared me to kiss it....... I didn't.

I had a very tons of fun boating and doing outdoor "manly" stuff with my friends.

I flipped my friend Alec Reese off the jet-ski multiple times during this ride.....He was not happy.

When I got home from the lake, my summer baseball team was starting. We traveled all over.

This is me, Alec Reese and Cade Nelis getting ready to play in Kentucky.

In-between weekends when I would be at home, I would do stuff my my brother and dad.

We were building a pitching mount to practice off of in my yard.

My baseball season took up a bulk of my summer but I got to go a lot of places I haven't ever been.

This is me and my brother taking on my dad and his high school friend on spike ball while I was in Michigan for baseball.

Somewhere In between all of the baseball I had a birthday.

This is a picture of me blowing out my birthday candles......The cake was tasty.








After my birthday summer was a blur.

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