Robotics The years of competition

The Imlay City Robotics team, Spartronics, has been around since 2014. The games have included Aerial Assist, Recycle Rush, Stronghold and this years game, Steamworks. For the past two years, the team has made it to not only the state competiton, but also the world's competition held in St.Louis Missouri. This years competitions are quickly approaching with the hope to make it to world's once more.

Here we have all the years of competition that Spartronics has competed in.
Joshua Pankey poses as the teams mascot, Spartron.

This is the Edward Jones Dome which is where World's has been held at for over a decade.

This is St.Louis Missouri which is where the Edward Jones Dome is located.

This is the Gateway Arch which is located only a few blocks away from the Edward Jones dome.

This is Houston Texas. For the first time, in 2017 there will be two world's competitions due to the increasing number of FRC teams. One of which will be held in Houston, Texas. The other will be held in St. Louis Missouri.
The Blue Alliance is the website that allows teams to see their rankings as well as to watch the competitions happening around the world live.

Robotics is just as much about making allies as it is about competing. Each competition relies upon alliances cooperation and skill to become successful.

These are just a few of our teams allies. These allies help teams build parts as well as strategies before each match.
This is this years game, Steamworks.
These are just a few of the game pieces introduced into this years game. The robots shoot the balls and unload the gears onto the airship.

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