WW2 By:Natalie Heaton #33

World War 2 could have been stopped from happening, before it happened. The world was in a depression, and Germany wasn't faring so well, paying back the debts from WW1. Adolf Hitler rose to power, and WW2 begins.

Adolf Hitler: dictator in Germany

Adolf Hitler represented the country of Germany.

After WW1, Hitler began the Nazi power. People were in very desperate times in Germany, and he used this to rise to power.

He invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Benito Mussolini: Dictator/ prime minister in Italy

Mussolini represented the country of Italy.

October 1922, Mussolini began a campaign to overtake the Italian government. He forced the king to make him prime minister, and achieved his goal of overtaking the government.

He invaded Ethiopia and Albania.

Joseph Stalin: dictator in Soviet Union

He represented the country of Soviet Union.

He rose to power when he became General Secretary of the Communist party.

He invaded Poland.

Francisco Franco: dictator on Spain

He represented the country of Spain.

He lead a military attack that successfully overthrew Spain's democratic republic.

Hideki Tojo: prime minister of Japan

He represented the country of Japan.

He became prime minister of Japan in October 1941.

He invaded Manchuria, and other parts of eastern China.

During all this US stays neutral.

Japan is staying fierce, and very close to Hawaii. Will they dare bomb US?

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