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Unit A: I used the canvas resize tool to make it look like a bookmark.

Unit B: I used the magic wand tool and hue change filter to change the colors of the balloon.

Unit C: I used the move tool to place the planets in the desired spots. Then I used the effects window to add the outer glow.

Unit D: I used the vibrance, color balance, brightness/contrast effects and masked them to make the fog. I also used the levels window to change the lighting.

Unit F: I used the mask tool and blended half black and the other white with the middle being gray.

Unit: F I used the replace color command and the eye dropper tool to select the door and changed it to red.

Unit G: I used the color blending mode with multiple layers of different colors of hues to change and blend the black and white image to color.

Unit H: I used the posturize command to limit the allowed colors on screen. Then I used the blur filter to slightly blur the image.
http://insanityflows.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/halloween-1008165_960_720.png https://gamerblogtv.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/20131128-033929.jpg
Halloween Project

For the Halloween Project I used my select tool to delete the black background on the Jason JPEG. Used the cloud filter changed the blend options and made it a new layer. I used the txt tool for the "Don't look back." Lastly I used the liquefy tool to make the trick or treat txt look eerie.

Tips for Perfect Poster Design

Use one big visual to attract the eye of the viewer

Left Image: https://speedballzee.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/star-wars-propaganda-poster-1.jpg Right Image: http://wp.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/monkeymind/files/2012/03/pi-poster.png

What is Adobe Bridge?

Adobe Bridge is one big manager of your Adobe files such as photos and videos. It’s pretty much a media manager that oversees and organizes all your media you’ve collected during your journeys. At its most basic, Adobe Bridge is a file organizer that keeps track of all your files. Honestly it’s just like the windows default file browser you use every day. The difference is that this program only focuses on media files such as photos and videos and has special features. You can preview photos and videos on the content panel and move them from folder to folder. You are even able to create said folders and delete them as you please. Why would you want to use Adobe Bridge rather than your default file browser you may ask? Well for one, it has batch programing so you don’t have to individually do things like renaming files. Adobe Bridge also gives you the ability to add important copyright information to your photos and videos. So no one can take credit for your work. To keep searching simple Adobe Bridge allows you to give star ratings to your files so you can find them with ease. Some of the things I find helpful with Adobe Bridge is that downloading photos from the camera is made with ease by clicking the camera add-on at the top of your screen. It really helps especially if you don’t like going through your U: Drives. Lastly the content panel shows previews of your files so you never have to open and close them to see what they are, as you do in the windows default file browser.

Five Attitudes That Are Important in Workplaces

This article was about what employers want in an employee. For instance, Respectfulness is a very important attitude in the workplace and doesn’t solely extend to the way which employees interact with management. Pridefulness is good because prideful employees ten to work harder to excel. Commitment is also really valued in the workplace. If one is not committed how will any work be done. Employees with an innovative attitude don’t shy away from trying something new or finding a different way to do things. Lastly Helpfulness is the core of being a good employee. Respect and Commitment might be really important but helpfulness is at the top. Working is helping.

The most important characteristic is Commitment. Without commitment there is nothing. When you’re walking, your committed. When your sleeping your committed. Commitment is everything. I am very respectful. I am aware of how I perceive others and I’m also nervous I’ll make the person not like me. Commitment is something I have trouble with. Mostly because I’m a very lazy person. It’s hard for me to commit to something if there are distractions along the way.

You look marvelous final
Darwin final
In your face final
Gone traveling final
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