Highlight of the week Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 By: Grace elder, Ryder Harris, Josiah Veen and Gretchen turner

Throughout the week of Aug. 30 - Sept. 3, The Journal's Photos Section captured what it's like to live the life of a Cardinal.

Juniors Dariely Raudales, Jackie Coy and Lidia Sung sit in the gymnasium during ipass for powderpuff practice. Photo by Grace Elder
Junior Matthew Ritchie plays the trumpet while he receives feedback from band teacher Jeff Maupin. Photo by Grace Elder

SHS boys basketball players push themselves to do their best in the weight room.

Sophomore Calvin Miller lifts the bar while doing pendlay rows. Photo by Ryder Harris
Miller smiles while making his way from exercise to exercise. Photo by Gretchen Turner (left). Senior Micah Fishel pushes himself while he does a 155-pound inclined bench press. Photo by Ryder Harris (top right). Junior Evan Hammond lifts the bar during a 95-pound inclined bench press. Photo by Gretchen Turner (bottom right).

Art teacher Breanna Bierod teaches her Intro to 3D Art students quilling techniques.

Freshmen, Matokeo Vensa cuts cardboard to prepare. Photo by Josiah Veen (top left). Freshmen Elahna Bowling work on the art of quilling. Photo by Ryder Harris (top right).