immigration by lizbeth soto

Immigration-The action of coming live permanently in a foreign country.People are affected by this issue because people that are immigrants might already have a family in the Texas.I am being affected by this issue because my parents and my sister are immigrants and i am scared their going to get send back to mexico. Some of my friends are being affected by this because some of their parents are immigrants.

50 years ago,immigration was affecting people because in 1965,84% of Americans were non-Hispanic whites.Some people may had to come to Texas because they needed a better job and more money for their family.Immigrants were treated diffrent than legal people.Immigrants did not agree that it was fair how they were treated but they could not do anything.

In 50 years from now, I predict that there's steel going to be immigrants in Texas because i think that Donald trump might change his mind and let immigrants live in Texas.I also predict that immigrants are going to have the same the same rights as the legal persons.Donald trump might change his mind because they need Mexicans to work in farms,construction and other jobs.

Cesar Chavez is a really important person because he helped a lot of immigrants,he helped immigrants to be treated better.A quote from Cesar Chavez is “there's no turning back ...we will win,we are winning because ours is a revolution of mind and heart.”

What i could do to help immigration is that i could go protest in stores,roads,bus stops and more places.


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